Senior Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Highlighting how your child will spend their day.

9:00-9:15 – Attendance/O’ Canada

9:15-10:15 – Language Arts

10:15-10:25 – Community Circle

10:25-10:50 – French

10:50-11:05 – Morning Snack

11:05-12:00 – Project Work

12:00-1:00 – Lunch/Outdoor Play

1:00-2:00 – Mathematics

2:00-2:20 – Snack

2:20-2:55 – Outdoor Play

2:55-4:00 – Project Work


Music – Monday 11:30-12:00

Gym – Tuesday 2:30-3:00

Judo – Thursday 3:00-4:00


An example of a monthly Newsletter emailed to parents to keep them informed.

Dear Parents,

During the month of April, we went for a Spring walk within our community. Prior to our walk, I asked the students what they might see that would indicate the coming of the Spring season. Many said they would see flowers, green grass, leaves and buds beginning to grow on trees, and the return of birds from the south. Their thoughts and answers were recorded and documented. Once we returned from our walk, new findings were added to our original list. From there, the children made drawings of their observations. Then they revisited their drawings and incorporated Henri Matisse’s style of art from his later years, by cutting-out pieces of coloured paper to create a collage.
The students loved studying the French artist Henri Matisse and his style of Impressionism. They especially enjoyed creating collages using coloured paper like Matisse. They will continue creating art work related to Matisse. Please come into the classroom and see their work. In May, we will be exploring another famous artist named Gustav Klimt. We will learn his style of Symbolism and Art Nouveau and re-create his famous works of art throughout the month.
Furthermore, during the month of May, we will continue our project “Insects” with an extension into the exploration of plants. I will also be introducing the story “Charlotte’s Web.” Through discussions of the story structure, and other aspects of the story, the children will engage in related projects. A trip to see the play “Charlotte’s Web” will help the children gain a greater visual understanding of the story. As you can see May will be filled with many mini projects.
Academically, the students have all performed well throughout the year. Many have successfully completed the SRA reading program and are currently reading in the “Magic Tree House” chapter books. Weekly spelling tests continue. In Mathematics, they have also demonstrated their skills in two to four-digit addition and subtraction, with or without  carryover, and many are now learning one-digit multiplication. The students always enjoy participating in Science related experiments further enhancing their knowledge of the world around them. Studying and learning about the cultural diversities around the world continues to be a topic of interest as well. Overall, they have all shown tremendous progress since the start of September.
Important Dates and Reminders
1. May 3rd- Play to see “Charlotte’s Web”
2. May 9th & 10th – Graduation Photos
3. May 23rd – School closed for Victoria Day
4. May 30th & 31st – Build a Bear Workshop with The Kids Fun Factory





An example of a monthly Curriculum emailed to parents to keep them informed.


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