“Autumn Hill Academy has provided our family with unprecedented care and education in the formative years of our children. It is a relief to know that our children are well taken care of, let alone receiving a well-rounded approach to exploration and a hands-on educational application for the 21st century. The staff at Autumn Hill Academy are caring, available, hardworking and outstanding individuals who take pride in the everyday activity in their respective classes. I would highly recommend Autumn Hill Academy to anyone looking for a strong start for their little one.”

~ Ashley Gougoulias, OCT

“I am writing to congratulate you on finally acquiring your own separate private school.  I love the name as well because my dental office, just down the street, is called Autumn Hill Dental.  Hopefully, one day your students can have a field trip to “The Dental Office” and I can teach them about teeth.

I had 3 children in your school over the last 5 years and will be the first to say that your Maple location (or Autumn Hill Academy) is absolutely amazing.  My children loved the staff, the education, the fun activities, and the attention that all the staff gave them.  Your school prepared them for older grades, and I am happy to let you know that my girls (now 9 and 7 years old) are at the top of their classes.  My little one, Aaron (4 years old), although had to leave due to health issues 6 months ago, is still talking about his teachers Ms. Melanie and Ms. Maggio.

I will recommend your school to anyone who is looking for a good private education for their child.  Thank you very much for all you have done for my kids.”

Kindest regards,

~ Dr. Nelly Braun

“I am very glad I decided to enrol my daughter in the preschool program at Autumn Hill. What wowed me from the first day I walked into the school was the children’s beautiful works of art, displayed throughout, and the cozy feeling of the classrooms. The teachers were always incredibly friendly, caring, professional, and we were always greeted by smiles. When all was said and done, it really came down to seeing how much my daughter changed by the end of the school year. She learned so much in such a short period of time. I didn’t expect it because after all she is only 3. But with the care and dedication of her teachers, combined with a strong curriculum that built a solid foundation – Autumn Hill scored high points. Thank you for giving my daughter a super start.”
~ Alexandra Malaia
“Start your child’s education on the most fulfilling path. As teachers ourselves, we find Autumn Hill Academy to be above the rest. Staff has been there for years. Even preschool students take French and Music! They go on monthly excursions and have monthly assemblies! Find out more by taking a tour. It will be one of the best decisions you make for your child’s early learning.”
~ Victoria’s Family
“Autumn Hill has exceeded my expectations with its wonderful staff and curriculum. My toddler has thrived since attending the toddler program. The staff have been wonderful to our son and he has excelled with their nurturing care. I know he is well taken care of and he loves going to school and interacting with his teachers and classmates. I would recommend this school and program to any parent looking for their child to learn with caring teachers and an excellent curriculum.”
~ Helena and Tyler Smith
“We are so grateful that we found this school! We feel so comfortable and confident that our two children are being cared for.  Thank you so much for the wonderful times, for guiding, loving and nurturing our children.  They have built a strong learning foundation throughout these years.  From knowing only a few words before they came to the school, at 18 months old, to reading novels, writing journals and doing geometry, multiplication and fractions.  The projects they have done, the decorations in the classroom, the friendship they fostered, they were truly amazing!  Thank you again for all the wonderful memories you have given to our children!”
~ Ronny
“Autumn Hill Academy instills a true love of learning in their students. The school proves that children embrace the ability of their minds to discover and advance with no academic boundaries. If a child excels in mathematics, they can continue learning well beyond their grade level if they so desire. If the class has expressed an interest in ice cream, their teacher will design the next month’s curriculum entirely around how ice cream is made, why it stays cold, different flavours, how it is sold – they will make real ice cream in class, build an ice cream truck to sell it to the other classes, etc. This “learning without limits” approach allows the children to grow both personally and academically – and it’s a beautiful thing to see!
Thank you Autumn Hill, for creating such a beautiful academic platform for our children, now and in their future.”
~ Jamie M.
“I would like to thank you again for the best possible grade 1 experience my child got in your classroom. You have set the bar so high, I am sure you will always be my daughter’s first and most favourite teacher. It means a lot when a child comes to their parents every day 2 weeks before the school year is over and talks about how sad it is to say goodbye to the teacher, how she wishes there were no summer break. MY daughter felt loved and respected in your classroom, she flourished and understood so many important aspects – personal and academical. We always felt the warmth and genuine affection radiating from you when we dropped her off in the morning, and that reassured us that she is safe, happy and in a great environment. We will miss you tremendously and will miss everything Autumn Hill offered us. You are one of a kind, teaching is your calling so we all wish you many wonderful experiences in your career.
We were really happy at Autumn Hill during the last 3 years. You have managed to hire an amazing staff and create a great learning and caring environment. We will always be grateful and happy to recommend Autumn Hill to all our friends.”
~ Lena and Max Vasserman


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